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Thread Timer

24 Aug

There are three timer controls in the .NET Framework:

  • A Windows-based timer, which is always in the Visual Studio Toolbox (System.Windows.Forms.Timer)
  • A server-based timer, which you can add to the Visual Studio Toolbox (System.Timers.Timer)
  • A thread timer, which is available programmatically (System.Threading.Timer)

If you are using Windows Forms and probably updating a UI, use System.Windows.Forms.Timer.

For server-based timer functionality, you might consider using System.Timers.Timer, which is also more accurate and has additional features.

The third one, System.Threading.Timer, uses a separate thread for it’s operation. If you need to do an asynchronous job periodically, it may be useful.

UsingĀ  System.Threading.Timer:

System.Threading.Timer timer;
timer = new System.Threading.Timer(new TimerCallback(DoSomething), null, 0, 1000);

DoSomething() executes at specified intervals(1000 ms here). Note that DoSomething() does not execute on the thread that created the timer; it executes on a ThreadPool thread supplied by the system.

private void DoSomething(object obj)
//it executes every second

To enable/disable timer, use Change() method:

timer.Change(Timeout.Infinite, Timeout.Infinite); //disable
timer.Change(0, 1000); //enable
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